Imagine feeling lost while driving on a deserted highway, in a landscape that stretches out as far as the eye can see. 
You park your car and you listen to the creaking sound of the old windmill near the train station. 

Somewhere in the distance a desolate train whistle blows. 

You turn your ear to the music, which is floating on a breeze and a gust of wind, through the door of the only bar in a nowhere town.

Inside you're surrounded by the smell of cigarettes, fried eggs, beer and bad coffee and the music you hear is the soundtrack of the roads you have travelled the last couple of years. 

A touch of jazz, a dash of country, a taste of blues and folkmusic wrapped up in a tinge of nostalgia. Music of days gone by, of days here to stay and of days yet to come. 

You order a coffee and of course get the second cup for free but you know you will have to keep moving. You need to be on the road again soon.....On your way to the flickering neon lights and the shady nightlife of the city. 


But you're not alone anymore. The music you heard earlier is now a stirring companion on the roads that you travel, and you realise all you need is a few blue notes that strike a few heartfelt chords.

The desire, the yearning and the craving you listen to is the same desire, yearning and craving you hear, feel and live through your journey. It doesn't matter anymore where you are, where you came from or where you're heading. 

We will be there, in the passenger's seat, on a bar stool, under the neon lights, at abandoned train stations, from motel room to motel room, off to a bar, a theatre and a stage nearby.


So tonight, dim the lights, turn on the spotlights, pull the curtains. Tonight welcome....Evrin !!

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